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Three things that we'll help you address in your consult:

Tailored Marketing Strategies

Learn how to apply advanced visualization techniques specifically suited to your unique property marketing needs and goals.

Maximizing Buyer Engagement

Discover methods to enhance buyer interaction and interest through immersive virtual tours and real-time rendering.

Efficient Implementation and ROI

Get actionable advice on integrating these technologies smoothly and achieving the best return on your marketing investment.

Scott Baumberger

Founder, CEO

Scott is a highly skilled artist and business owner with over 30 years of experience. His impressive portfolio has garnered widespread recognition, including numerous industry awards and publications.

Collaborating with top leaders in the industry, Scott visualizes diverse projects worldwide. By personally overseeing each project, he ensures exceptional service and cultivates lasting client relationships. With his expertise, dedication, and proven track record, Scott continues to be a sought-after professional in the design and development industries.

When he's not in the Portland studio, Scott can often be found exploring hiking trails, climbing mountains, or rooting for the Timbers!

Eli Perrett


Eli is the primary Apex art director and lead of our Denver office. With advanced technical knowledge and a keen eye for detail, he ensures we provide exceptional creative solutions for our clients.

Experience working across a variety of real estate projects spanning from small mountain villages to expansive urban masterplans has provided him with the essential skills to address the unique requirements of each client.

Outside of work you can catch him somewhere outdoors backcountry skiing, biking, or exploring new sights in the Rocky Mountains.