Increase Client Engagement with Advanced Virtual Tours and Real-time Rendering

Our virtual tours and real-time rendering services create engaging, interactive property experiences. Perfect for real estate marketers, our technology enhances buyer engagement and accelerates sales by allowing detailed property exploration.

What you'll discover:

  • How Virtual Tours Enhance Buyer Engagement: learn how interactive virtual tours provide a realistic and comprehensive property viewing experience, significantly increasing buyer interest and engagement.

  • The Advantages of Real-Time Rendering: see how real-time rendering technology allows for dynamic, up-to-date, and adaptable property presentations, enabling quick updates and personalized experiences for potential buyers.
  • Practical Implementation and Success Stories: Through case studies and practical examples, discover how to effectively implement these technologies in their marketing strategies to achieve improved sales and client satisfaction.

Who we work with:


Scott Baumberger founded Apex in 2022, establishing the Portland and Denver studios.

With extensive experience in digital marketing and social media content creation for the real estate sector, Scott has collaborated with leading real estate development companies across the US and Canada. By personally overseeing each project, he ensures top-tier service and fosters lasting client relationships.

His expertise in architectural visualization and advanced rendering technologies has earned him numerous awards and recognition in industry publications.

Outside the Apex studios, Scott enjoys exploring the outdoors, hiking, and engaging with the local community.

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